Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update: Nikon D300 and bluetooth

Still very happy with the GPS solution, still sticking to the original GPS receiver. The XAiOX iTrackU did work as well, but did not provide the advantages I was hoping for. I thought I will be notified when the battery is low and yes, it does. With a loud and scratching voice. You can turn down the volume but just in three steps and it is still very loud. So I returned it.

For the summer holidays at the windy beach of Fuerteventura I installed a 18mm O-ring seal you can get at any DiY shop. The Mini-USB connector I sealed with an adhesive tape, on the image you see a white one.

In the first image you see the bluetooth adapter mounted...

Second image shows the backside of the adapter with the O-ring seal...

And from a different perspective
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