Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishlist for products

There are so many opportunities of making business for established companies and yet they are not taken.

* As said in this blog before, why does not every single camera support bluetooth? Bluetooth as the standard method to retrieve GPS coordinates and as a remote control.

* A waterproof camera like the Pentax W80 with a wide angle lens (18mm equivalent). Especially with underwater or water sport photos where the camera is right at the action, the wide angle would be desperately needed. I tried to rig the camera on the boom of a windsurfing sail - you can see my head but nothing else.

* A waterproof camera with no openings, it is charged by induction and pictures are downloaded via WLAN

* Speaking of WLAN, Liveview found on DLSRs should broadcast the image via WLAN built in. This would allow for all kinds of special operations, starting from Studios (The Nikon WT-4 is an addon with cables! and costs 700USD or so!), Astrophotography... Just imagine you could control your camera from an IPhone and watch the Liveview screen there. (Note, there is a software that claims to does that but when you dig into the details, it uses a PC as a bridge from USB of the Camera to WLAN)

* Why does the PS3 have a software like Photo Gallery, I can't think about any scenario where an user would do the tagging of photos with the PS3. The Playstation is for viewing, nothing else.

* Why on earth does PSP support LocationFree Player but not any UPnP server? Nobody will by a LocationFree Server just for the PSP and people using this kind of technology usually have different UPnP clients and these do not support the LocationFree Server. So if it is to sell the LocationFree stuff better, make it a common UPnP server. Much more market opportunities.

* An Android based PhotoFrame would make sense as well. Then you can use it to show photos from the SD card, you can stream them via UPnP, and you can run other apps like Alarm Clock, eMail and Calendar client and install more apps. In fact using Android all you have to do is connect an Android motherboard with a LCD screen, software does not need any modifications. Anyway, this is in the worx already I am sure. Just a matter of time. Just imagine a touchscreen on the living room wall where you can see and enter todays appointments stored on the central email server.

* A door bell with Video using TCPIP. Think about Skype, available on the computer, on the cell phone, on the tablet PC,... and used as a door bell?
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