Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Building the DSLR sized CableCam - Part1 - BOM

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Motivation and Design
Download Link for CAD drawings (updated regular)
Bill of Materials
Motor and ESC considerations
CableCam rope
Building the DSLR CableCam
CableCam controller board

The parts

All parts are CNC milled out of AlMG1 alloy mostly using 3mm think plates and some smaller parts of 8mm.
In my case I am using a vacuum table to hold the plates in place during milling, hence it requires some manual finishing touches.
Right after the milling the parts look like this

I mill all parts using a 5mm cutter, various drill bits and a Taper for a 0.3mm chamfer.
Next step is to manually chamfer the bottom side and to breakthrough all drilling holes.
Result looks perfect, doesn't it?
The drive shaft in the middle I bought from a company, this goes way beyond my capabilities.

In addition you need tons of 25mm spacer nuts with matching screws, the Skate wheels you create a groove matching the rope diameter and some more parts.

To be more precise, here is the shopping list:

Item Qty
spacer d3mm x 25mm 11
shaft locking clip 1
spacer d8mm 3mm 1
spacer d8mm 4mm 1
spacer M3 2
lock nut M3 9
socket head screw M3x10mm 58
socket head screw M3x12mm 12
stud screw M3x16mm 10
distance nut M3x25mm 39
socket head screw M3x30mm 10
socket head screw M3x40mm 4
socket head screw M3x45mm 10
socket head screw M3x8mm 4
distance nut M6x25mm 2
socket head screw M6x35mm 2
socket head screw M6x8mm 2
spacer (short) for skate wheel 2
washer for skate wheel 4
ball bearing 608 5
flanged ball bearing 608 1
skatewheel 80mm 3
distance nut M3x5mm 2
timing belt T2.5 6mm 285mm 1
belt pulley T2.5 6mm 84teeth 1
motor pulley T2.5 6mm 16 teeth 1
socket head screw M3x25mm 1
socket head screw M3x50mm 5
motor 1
motor sensorcable 1
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