Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building the DSLR sized CableCam - Part4 - Final Assembly and Motor

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Motivation and Design

Final Assembly

In order to attach the arms with the main body, we could use the same distance nuts and screws as before, but then you would have to remove many screws. Instead we use three M3x45 screws pushed all the way through and lock them with a nut. In order to avoid bending, between is again the d3 spacer of 25mm length.

This allows to assemble and disassemble the arms quickly for transportation.

Motor and ESC

The motor is mounted as shown in the picture below, without tightening the screws yet. It should be moveing still so we can control the tension of the belt later.

Then we insert the motor pulley, which comes from a RipRap 3D printer. Tension the timing belt by sliding the motor downwards and then secure it in place.

The CableCam has quite some holes prepared on one side of the main body for mounting either the TS120 or TS150 ESC.

All that is left is connecting the sensor cable and the three motor wires. Please note that there are 9 combinations for connecting the three ESC wires with the three motor wires, but only two are valid. In most cases it is easy to find out, the motor and the ESC have labeled those A, B and C.

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