Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building the GoPro CableCam - Part 2 - Upper Body

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Motivation and Design
Download Link for CAD drawings (updated regular)
Motor and ESC considerations
CableCam rope
DSLR CableCam - Bill of Material
DSLR CableCam - Assembly of the two arms
DSLR CableCam - Assembly of the main body
DSLR CableCam - Final assembly
GoPro CableCam - Bill of Material
GoPro CableCam - Assembly of the upper body
GoPro CableCam - Assembly of the lower body
GoPro CableCam - Final assembly
CableCam controller board

Building the upper body including wheels

We start with either of the two upper body parts mounting seven distance nuts 30mm as shown using M3x10 screws. This assumes we will use one battery holder only, else you mound need more.

The triangular shaped parts are the mounting points for the lower body, there M3x12 screws are used. The triangle is not symmetrical, hence hold one of the lower body parts next to it as reference.

The other side part is then mounted similarly...

except for the 4 screws next to the cross, that is the battery holder.

Here M3x45 screws are used.
One side of the sled comes the sensor wheel. It is the side which has an extra 3mm hole to optionally secure it. This skate wheel has 22 magnets on a 60mm diameter circle, magnets are inserted with alternating poles, plus a sensor board. For the wheel itself we need a M6x40 screw, two ball bearings, spacer inbetween and two washers.
Make sure the sensorboard does not have any electrical connection to the metal frame.

Same procedure with the other wheel except that a washer of similar thickness like the sensor board is used here to align both wheels.

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