Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building the GoPro CableCam - Part 3 - Lower Body

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Motivation and Design
Download Link for CAD drawings (updated regular)
Motor and ESC considerations
CableCam rope
DSLR CableCam - Bill of Material
DSLR CableCam - Assembly of the two arms
DSLR CableCam - Assembly of the main body
DSLR CableCam - Final assembly
GoPro CableCam - Bill of Material
GoPro CableCam - Assembly of the upper body
GoPro CableCam - Assembly of the lower body
GoPro CableCam - Final assembly
CableCam controller board

The lower body

We start with the CC3D controller board, as this is mounted with the screws on the inside of the body, board is outside. Two times four M3x6 screws and 4 plastic distance nuts M3x6 are used for that.

The SkyRC TS120 ESC will be inside the body, the two pockets are used for the motor cable and the on/off switch.
(You should solder the cables first)

Then eight 30mm distance nuts are mounted with M3x10 screws.

And the other plate attached using another eight M3x10 screws.

With this we are done, all that is left is the motor with its drive dog and wheel.

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