Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building the GoPro CableCam - Part 4 - Final Assembly

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Motivation and Design
Download Link for CAD drawings (updated regular)
Motor and ESC considerations
CableCam rope
DSLR CableCam - Bill of Material
DSLR CableCam - Assembly of the two arms
DSLR CableCam - Assembly of the main body
DSLR CableCam - Final assembly
GoPro CableCam - Bill of Material
GoPro CableCam - Assembly of the upper body
GoPro CableCam - Assembly of the lower body
GoPro CableCam - Final assembly
CableCam controller board

Final assembly

To connect the two parts two lock pins d6 50mm (or slightly longer) with extra safety is used.
When connecting the two, the battery holder is on one side, the motor on the other side to balance the CableCam.

The lower body has four holes for mounting a regular sized brushless gimbal control board already and the gimbal itself has to be adapted to the center plate at the bottom.

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