Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cablecam rope considerations

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Rope to use

Initially we discussed various options, steel cables, different types of ropes and at the end after some trial and error the conclusion was, a Dyneema rope with sheath is what we need. It is strong and yet lightweight. Its surface allows for smooth driving without much vibrations. Most important: Its prolongation under load is under 5%.
But it is very expensive.

The best rope currently is this one

The 6mm rope has 2500daN maximum load, it should be used with no more than 60% of that, which is 1500daN or about 1.5tons.


The formula to calculate the rope force is shown here

Let's try a simple calculation.

The distance to cover is l=100m. The weight of our cablecam is p=3kg. The tolerated maximum slack when in the middle is f=1m.

sqrt( (3/2)² + (3*100/ (4*1)² ) = sqrt ( 1.5² + 75² ) = 75kg

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